Monday, 8 August 2016

Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, the media's role in victim blaming

Swami Prakashanand Saraswati
Swami Prakashanand Saraswati

Shyama Rose, Kate Tonnessen and Vesla Tonnessen Kazimer and their friend Karen Jonson have spent most of their lives slut-shaming young Indian American women

Much of the nation was left confused as a media outlet published an article portraying Shyama Rose as a superhero. It has led many to ask why is a superhero status only reserved for a white person? What about the truthful story of the Indian hero who refused to compromise his integrity and refused all discussions of an out-of-court settlement with his blackmailers? If you're white, you get to bask in all the glitz and glamour, and walk up the red carpet. Otherwise, you get a misguided slut-shaming, whether man or woman, by virtue of nothing more than the color of your skin. 

Since when are blackmailers made into heroes? One thing is crystal clear, there are a couple of furious people out there, peeved about not getting cash from Swami Prakashanand Saraswati.

Swami Prakashanand Saraswati had no money or assets and was an ordained clergyman of the Saraswati order of the Shankaracharya tradition in India (the media also mistakenly said his surname was Saraswati whereas it is his title as an ordained clergyman of the Shankaracharya order; Prakashanand is also, apparently, a title not his name).

Shyama Rose's and ex Hays County District Attorney Sherri Tibbe and Cathy Compton's biggest victim isn't even Swami Prakashanand Saraswati. It's all Hindu American kids and women, who were wrongly called 'liars' without any evidence (it's all in the court records) and were mistreated in the Hays County courtroom. There is a fair amount of evidence that children almost never lie, yet Shyama Rose, Kate Tonnessen, Velsa Tonnessen Kazimer, Karen Jonson and Hays County District Attorney Sherri Tibbe and Cathy Compton called them liars; the only evidence of their "lies" were the fact that they were Hindu or Indian, and by default, immoral people. For that, some sections of society have made them heroes. Like every American, I would personally believe any child over and above the starstruck tagteam of six adults - Shyama Rose, Kate Tonnessen, Velsa Tonnessen Kazimer, Karen Jonson and ex Hays County District Attorney Sherri Tibbe and her protégé Cathy Compton (who answers to the self-given codename, Nita Spankin [pronounced with the customary Southern drawl]).

The all singing all dancing cast of Starstruck. A tweet from
Shyama Rose's friend and confidente Karen Jonson

Many traditional superhero comics are now being made more ethnically diverse. It's time for media outlets who try to make a quick buck through click-baiting to follow suit. It's to be understood that this wouldn't play as well into popular prejudices, but doesn't the media have some responsibility to not engage in victim blaming, and in particular slut-shaming? Are there any bounds of reason left?

Shyama Rose, Kate Tonnessen and Vesla Tonnessen Kazimer and DAs Office are part of the good ol' boys club and have a highly misogynistic view of Indian American women and girls and have almost no other argument that doesn't involve slut-shaming. Shyama, Kate and Vesla have spent the vast majority of their lives slut-shaming young girls. Karen Jonson has got a Madonna–whore complex (see wikipedia) in which Jonson is unable to see women and girls as anything other than the extremes of Madonnas or whores. Furthermore, only Jonson has a radar which can know which is which, generally they label Indian American girls as "whores".

If this was 200 years ago, the group would be calling Indian American women and girls "witches". Now the implication is that all Indian American women and girls are in league with supernatural beings (alleged "Gurus") who possibly rape millions of women and girls, even from the other side. The group argues that all Indian American women and girls are in cahoots with it, and enjoy it. Sometimes, the group argues, they speak out, but only through the voices in Karen Jonson's head. Sounds crazy, right? It reads like a conference paper in mental health! Karen Jonson, Shyama Rose's friend, referred to respectable Indian women as "prostitutes". Shyama Rose got checkmated in a statement to the press something along the lines of "[Well at least I'm not a prostitute...]". The pertinent followup question should be, "Who exactly is a prostitute? Indian American women and girls?" There you have it - Shyama Rose self-congratulated Shyama Rose for not being a prostitute, like Indian woman and girls are? Who was Shyama Rose trying to impress by denying being a prostitute? Was it a bid to pass Karen Jonson's Madonna–whore test (see wikipedia)? It's clear that this particular test of black and white judgement is to the forefront of Shyama Rose's mind and Shyama probably judges others by that test, as Karen Jonson does. Indian women and girls get a fail.

It gets weirder though when the slut-shaming of Swami Prakashanand Saraswati enters the equation although the main accusation is against the girls they misguidedly target. The group also attacks Indian women who promote women empowerment. They are stuck in a 1950s "women in the kitchen" mentality. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati is little more than an abstract symbol for them. They don't even know his name, his religious affiliation, where he lives or anything about him. The real motivation is to target their family members and to make Indian American women and girls lose confidence in themselves. When you take someone's confidence away, you take away their soul.

Indian women and girls who got falsely slut-shamed call Shyama Rose, Kate Tonnessen, Velsa Tonnessen Kazimer, Karen Jonson and ex Hays County District Attorney Sherri Tibbe and her protégé Cathy Compton "crazy" and "weird", but some portions of our media continue to harbor them and call them "superheroes".

Swami Prakashanand Saraswati The Real Story

Former Hays County Republican Party chair, Cox, concluded, in relation to Hays County District Attorney Sherri Tibbe and Hays County Assistant District Attorney Cathy Compton who persecuted against Swami Prakashanand Saraswati and the Indian community:

"By law, district attorneys are not supposed to hide facts or conceal evidence that establishes the innocence of the accused. The primary duty of the district attorney is not to accumulate convictions but rather to see that justice is done.

The office of the Hays County District Attorney lost sight of those obligations as well as the constitutional protections owed to the accused. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is one of my passions, but I feel strongly about all of the Bill of Rights. The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments relating to rights of the accused are no more negotiable than the Second Amendment.

The Hays County District Attorney’s office conduct of seeking convictions without regard for justice is bad for the rule of law, bad for the accused, bad for the family of the accused, bad for the image of the district attorney’s office and the county, and bad for the taxpayers forced to foot the bill."